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We challenge you to find another I.T. Services Provider that Can Make as Bold a Claim as Above and Will Back Their Service Like We Do!

Our Unique Process

    We want to change your mind about what outsourcing your technology needs should be like. We want to provide you with the best I.T. services in Hamilton Township and the surrounding area, period.
    Before we’ll even begin working with your business or on your computers, we'll listen to you what you have to say about what you need, or what’s wrong. Our years of experience allows us to ask questions that help us in narrowing down what may be wrong with your current configuration, and what your specific needs might be, even if it's over the phone. Often times, it may not be what you think it is, which will end up saving you money.
Here's how we get to work for an appointment...

For an On-Site I.T. Service or Repair Issue

  1. We take notes on exactly what you tell us you are experiencing - all the symptoms and details.
  2. We open a trouble ticket containing the information you've provided to us.
  3. We find the best person that specializes in your particular needs based on their experience and assign them to you.
  4. We then fully examine your computer(s), to uncover any and all problems with it/them, before we start working on it/them. We’ll then start up the machine, so you or your employee can show us specifically what the problem is.
  5. Once we've identified the problem, we'll provide you with a cost estimate.
  6. After you've approved the estimate, we then begin the service process.
  7. Once we've rectified the issue, we run a diagnostic test to ensure that we've done the job correctly.
  8. Following our testing, we'll have you or your employee test the computer to ensure that the issue has been completely resolved.
  9. Only when we have confirmation of a job well-done do we close the support ticket.
  10. We then follow-up with a detailed report of all the work done on your ticket.
  11. We also log this report in your file so any of our employees can instantly get up-to-speed with previous work performed on your premises.

For a Managed Services Plan (Outsourced I.T. Services)

  1. We take detailed notes on your type of business, the number of computers, printers, etc., you have. We listen to any current issues you may be experiencing, and to your plans for future growth.
  2. We then arrange a meeting to catalog your current configuration and discuss your current I.T. spending to find areas where we can save you money.
  3. Then, we go go through the Analytic PC Professionals I.T. Service Audit that checks out a multitude of different aspects of your computers and I.T. systems to ensure that they meet our minimum standards for support. We then rank them as Acceptable, Recommended or Severe.
  4. We’ll then book a follow-up meeting to go over the proposal  based on what we've found so far.
  5. Now we thoroughly answer any of your questions, and go over our findings and our proposed Managed Services Agreement with you.
  6. After you authorize the Agreement, we begin updating your configuration to provide you with the custom support you need.
  7. We install our remote monitoring software on your computers and servers which allows us to see problems coming on the horizon and tackle them before they can interrupt your business.
  8. We install your local redundant backup solution and configure your on-line critical data backup solution.
  9. We configure your printers for remote monitoring so we can determine the level of usage to provide maintenance and toner when, and only when, you need it. (On our plan, you will never have more than 1 spare toner on-hand. We just don't see the value-add in having a closet full of it...)
  10. You will receive monthly reports detailing all service received for the prior month.
  11. All remote and on-site service calls are detailed and logged in your file so any of our employees can instantly get up-to-speed with previous work performed on your premises.

    When we say we want to give you the BEST I.T. service possible in Hamilton Township and the surrounding areas, we mean it!

Feel free to check us out with the Better Business Bureau! Just click on the link along the right side of this page.

P.S. We'll even follow-up with you afterwards to make sure everything is running smoothly for you and your computer systems!
P.P.S. After all that, we then back up all of our work with our exclusive 3 year, unlimited hour warranty - covering both parts and labor! That's 3 times longer than anyone else that we know of! - See our page on our warranty for more details.


Highly Recommended

Following our acquisition of a competing company, Analytic PC Professionals was instrumental in helping us organize, merge, and maintain client records.

Almost immediately after signing up for the Managed Services Plan, we became aware of a disk problem that we didnít even know we had. Gone unchecked, that problem could have become catastrophic for our company.

We will be using Analytic PC Professionals in the future and highly recommend them to others.

Chris Borek
Vice President
Black Lagoon Pond Management

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